General Commercial Terms and Conditions

  1. General provisions
  2. Ordering of goods
  3. Delivery and payment conditions
  4. Claims rules
    1. Exchanges of goods, returns of goods
    2. Defective goods


General provisions

These commercial conditions apply to the purchase of goods from the e-shop and more specifically define the rights and obligations of the seller, Marwell Medic s.r.o., Company ID No. 25969579 with registered offices at Kyjovská 606, 348 15 Planá, registered in the Commercial Register administered by the Regional Court in Plzeň, Section C, Entry 32309, and the buyer.

These conditions more specifically define the rights and obligations of the seller, who operates and owns the internet web page, Marwell Medic s.r.o. and the buyer. All contractual relationships are entered into in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic.

Through confirmation of an order in our e-shop, you affirm agreement to these commercial conditions, shopping rules, delivery conditions and claims rules. All submitted orders are considered binding. These commercial conditions are binding for both parties.

An order is a draft of a purchase contract. A purchase contract originates upon confirmation of the order by the seller. An order, which does not contain all prescribed requirements, is considered invalid. The seller reserves the right to confirm information given in the order by telephone.

The e-shop operator reserves the right to modify the General Commercial Terms and Conditions. However, modifications do not apply retroactively to orders that have already been accepted.

Ordering of goods

Orders are made using an electronic order – via the e-shop, where each order must include at least the following:

  1. Contact information (first name and surname, delivery address, e-mail and telephone contact information)
  2. Form of payment
  3. Ordered products, their designations, numbers and sizes

Orders are processed within the shortest possible length of time in the order in which they arrive. All prices are given in CZK including VAT.

Delivery a payment conditions

Shipments are sent via the selected shipping company and payment is made in the selected manner of payment: on-line, bank transfer or payment upon delivery (C.O.D). In the event of payment by bank transfer, the shipment is sent once the payment has been deposited in our bank account. The standard price for shipping and handling is noted in the order. We reserve the right to adjust the price of shipping and handling or payment conditions, especially when goods are shipped to locations outside of the Czech Republic.

Claims rules

The warranty period for goods is 24 months starting on the date that the goods are delivered to the customer. Claims do not apply to damages caused by:

  • Improper use of the product
  • Mechanical or chemical damages
  • Improper storage of the product
  • Failure to conduct recommended maintenance
  • External agents – water, fire, electrical current, etc.

Claims are processed within 30 days on the basis of written requests. Send goods that are subject to a claim to our mailing address together with a written notification of the defect and the tax document (invoice). The seller will inform the buyer concerning the processing of the claim by telephone, e-mail or mail within the claim processing period. In the event of an unwarranted claim, the customer has no right to any compensation for expenses related to the resolution of the claim.

Upon delivery of the ordered goods, the buyer is obligated to check whether the goods exhibit any defects caused by shipping. If so, the buyer is obligated to refuse delivery of the goods, complete a damage record with the shipping company, and immediately inform the seller of the damages to the goods during shipping.

In the event that it is necessary to send goods back to the seller, the customer is obligated to wrap the goods in the original packaging. In the event that the buyer does not have the original packaging, the buyer is obligated to procure new packaging that meets the requirements of shipping at the buyer’s own expense. The buyer acknowledges that in the event that shipped goods are insufficiently protected, the buyer’s claim may not be recognized. We recommend insuring returned goods.

Withdrawal from the contract

The buyer must deliver a withdrawal from the contract in writing to the seller within 14 days after the buyer accepts delivery of the goods. We request that you send the complete and undamaged goods back in their original packaging with the tags that identify the product. Please also include the original purchase documentation. Send the goods to our mailing address provided on our web pages at

Goods sent C.O.D. will not be accepted. Responsibility for damages due to shipping are borne by the shipping company. The price of the goods (not including shipping and handling) will be refunded to the customer by bank transfer to a bank account provided by the customer.

Exchange of goods

In the event of an inappropriate size or other similar reason, an exchange of goods is possible. The customer sends the original goods (together with the invoice) to our mailing address at the customer’s expense. Once the goods are received, the new goods will be sent to the customer within 5 days and the customer will pay the shipping and handling charges.

When sending goods back, please indicate the returned goods on the invoice and the requested size of the new goods.



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