Why choose Marwell abduction pants?

MARWELL abduction pants are unique thanks to the PU-foam insert with memory-foam effect, which applies optimal pressure on the infant's feet and does not change its shape even when used daily. The abduction insert has undergone severe development, and its current form and width were determined based on the results of tests and consultations with leading orthopaedists. The final shape and dimensions of the abduction insert have been confirmed by a clinical study, and the insert is patented. You can only find this abduction insert in Marwell abduction pants.

The abduction insert is thinner at the back so that it does not pressure the lying infant and does not cause pressure sores. On the other hand, the abduction insert is sufficiently thick in the pelvic and abdominal areas to prevent the infant from bending the insert with his legs.

The correct width of the insert determines the correct straddle position of the infant, which is essential for the proper development of the hips. If the infant's straddle position has at a different angle, the hip joint does not develop properly, and the abduction bandage does not fulfil its purpose. Therefore, it is imperative that the material between the feet of the infant is firm, that the baby cannot dent it, and that the width of the material between the feet does not change when used every day, such as by crumpling or washing.

Dear Mom,
MARWELL pants may not be colourful, they don't have pictures, but they work. It is not a toy or an aesthetic accessory but a certified medical device that has undergone clinical trials. Always remember the important thing - for your baby's hips to be really straight, it is necessary to fix the feet in the correct abduction position (to prevent unwanted movement) while not harming your baby.



A little bit of history

Issues with the proper development of new-borns' hip have been known since the times of Hippocrates, and considerable attention has always been paid to the correction of congenital hip dislocation. In 1741, Nicolas Andry laid the foundations of orthopaedics as a medical branch focusing on the correct development of the musculoskeletal system of a growing organism. And just to mention an interesting fact: Already at that time, he devoted much of his book to the issue of developmental hip dysplasia.

In the 1880s, the correct position of the head in the hip joint was fixed with plaster; and at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the physicians even preferred surgical treatment. Czechoslovak orthopaedics has always played an essential role in improving medical procedures, and the so-called Frejka pillow belongs among the most important inventions in the field of paediatric orthopaedics.

Like any other treatment, infant's hip joint treatment must follow clear rules and a timetable. The new-borns should almost always have their legs bent in knees and stretched in the hips – in the called the abduction-flexion position. Only such position ensures the correct contact of the joint head with the socket, which is absolutely necessary for the proper joint development. The first “stage” of treatment and often prevention is the so-called wide (abduction) bandage. It may not always look nice, but it does not bother the infant. In case of more severe deviations of the hip joint construction or if the abduction bandage fails, other methods can be used, such as Pavlík's stirrups, to ensure the correct position of the head against the socket. The physician may also recommend you medical rehabilitation - for example, the Vojta therapy. Dear mothers, even though it may occur that your baby will be crying at that time – probably together with you – but such treatment may, in indicated cases, help to remove neurological symptoms and correct the psychomotor development of your child.


How to properly use abduction bandage?

The purpose of proper abduction bandage is to get the infant's feet in the correct position, but most importantly, to keep them in such position. This means that the baby cannot put the feet in a position other than the abduction position, especially the child cannot put them together; the feet must remain stretched.

We have already mentioned the so-called Frejka pillow, which was initially an abduction pillow filled with down feathers. However, the thick layer on the back of the child positioned the level of the pelvis in comparison with the head too high above the mat, which impairs the digestion of babies and positions the new-born almost permanently with an extremely arched back (in opisthotonus). This position also reduces the initial locomotive development, mainly physiological dorsal and neck reflexes. The pillow has been innovated several times, and its filling was gradually made of a stiffer foam, eventually felt. Thus, there has been a clear development towards application of stiffer materials that would fix the infants' feet sufficiently.

Marwell abduction bandage has eliminated the main shortcomings of the original wide bandage and, when used correctly, there are no problems with positioning and fixation of the infants' feet. Marwell pants allow the correct physiological position of new-borns and infants while maintaining the full therapeutic effect on infants' hips.


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