Abduction pants with an orthopedic insert

For the healthy development of hip joints in newborns and infants

Never give up, even in the most difficult situations!
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Abduction pants maintain the hips in the right position, while allowing the baby movement that is beneficial for the healthy development of hip joints.


Abduction pants are available without a prescription at pharmacies and medical supply stores.


Abduction pants were developed with the help of specialists in pediatric orthopedics.

Replaces the use of multiple layers of cotton cloth diapers for newborns and infants

Who recommends abduction pants and why?

Hanna Hill, the designer of dresses for dancing in the first five seasons of StarDance (Dancing with the Stars – Czech version) and fashion consultant for popular personalities at Czech Television.

She would like to share her own positive experience with Marwell abduction pants with other mothers.

In conclusion, the recommendations of experienced orthopedists

„Abduction positioning is appropriate during the early infant stage for the healthy development of hip joints even in cases of completely positive clinical and sonographic findings…“

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