Hip joints of a newborn baby consist mostly of pliant and flexible cartilage which in the course of development is gradually replaced by bone tissue. Therefore, one of the most important factors in the early stages of this development is the correct position of the individual parts of the joints, which are the cartilaginous base at the head of the thighbone and the cartilaginous and bone parts of the hip joint socket in the pelvis.

Even when a mother leaves the maternity ward with a newborn without any serious pathological findings, it sometimes happens that a later examination determines that everything is not quite in perfect order. There is a general consensus that the traditional use of multiple cotton diapers allows the positioning of a baby’s legs to achieve the desired straddle, or abduction, for correct hip joint development. However, this demands a lot of time spent laundering and ironing large numbers of cotton diapers, which is why mothers often ignore this recommendation. However, disposable diapers are simply not enough.


To ensure optimal hip position and thus correct hip joint development in newborns, we recommend a new high-quality aid with proven effectiveness “MARWELL abduction pants with an orthopedic insert”. It is a corrective abduction bandage, which fully replaces the use of three bulky cotton diapers and uses a substantially smaller volume of abduction material compared to other aids on the market. It is not only for use in the treatment of more serious pathologies, but can also be used in borderline cases, or even as an effective preventative aid to ensure healthy hip joint development of our littlest ones.


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