Why use MARWELL abduction pants with an orthopedic insert?

Use of MARWELL abduction pants

*) Not included – regular absorption diapers may be used.

Compared to the use of three bulky cloth diapers, MARWELL pants:

  • Look better
  • Are more hygienic
  • Make changing diapers easier
  • Always ensure the correct positioning of the hip joint thanks to the orthopedic insert
  • Have been tested using the most stringent health criteria
  • Were developed with the help of specialists in pediatric orthopedics
How to use

After inserting the orthopedic insert into the pants, the pants are ready for use (see fig. ③ below). Put the abduction pants on over regular absorption diapers or diaper pants, or even a baby romper suit. (see fig. ① and fig. ② below).

Remove the insert from the pants before washing, wash the pants in accordance with the laundering symbols on the pants and subsequently reinsert the orthopedic insert (see fig. ③ above). Do not iron the Velcro fasteners.


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